Working alongside local farmers, generating fair alliances and making their work more visible.

Innovate to ensure the best quality and preserve the most valuable and delicate ingredients of food: vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, colours and flavours through freeze-drying.

Keeping the planet in mind. Work only with suppliers with quality seals of approval. Promote an end to seasonal fruit waste.

Create a new perspective on fruit. Agrochemical-free, tasty, fun and healthy fruit snacks for people.

To take care of people’s health by getting them to eat rich, real, high quality, organic food; because our body is the only place we have to live.

To take us with you wherever and whenever you want.


To be present in the whole process. From the cultivation of each fruit, until the product reaches your hands.


To have a positive impact on our family, community, farmers and customers.

¿Por qué fruta liofilizada?

100% natural
It does not contain any chemicals or preservatives that make the fruit unnatural.
High nutritional value
Freeze-drying or lyophilisation is a method of food preservation that combines different processes such as freezing, vacuum and dehydration. The result is a dried product that maintains the nutritional characteristics of its original state, such as aroma, taste and flavour.
Seasonal fruit all year round
The freeze-drying process guarantees the flavour and nutrients of each product. Can be stored for an extended period of time.
Quality assurance
Our fruits are 100% Spanish. We carefully select the best fruits to guarantee the best snacks.
Whenever you want
Our packaging is practical. You can take them wherever and whenever you want. Open, close and reopen them as often as you like.
Wherever you want
You can put it to different uses. Play with fruit. Try it in salads, cereals, yoghurts, desserts and more.

Freeze drying process

We carefully select

The best national fruits that guarantee the best nutrition.

We freeze

The fruit at a temperature below minus 40 degrees Celsius in order to preserve every bit of its properties.

We extract the water

By introducing it into a vacuum chamber where the water is extracted by means of sublimation.

And ready!

To eat Light and crunchy pieces of fruit ready to eat whenever and wherever you want.

We freeze-dry your food

Investigation and development

Desde Integrana ofrecemos el servicio de liofilización para otros. Creamos prototipos de nuevos alimentos, para que puedas incluirlos en tu cartera de productos.

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