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Grown and harvested by our farmers in Villena, our apricots have a delicious flavour and a firm texture. Freeze-dried through a careful process by which we manage to preserve 100% of its properties, this exquisite apricots have a satiating effect thanks to their high dietary fibre content, which also helps to optimise glucose and cholesterol levels. Enjoy it as and when you like.


High dietary fiber content

Dietary fibers can help lower cholesterol levels

Nutritional Facts
valores albaricoque Por 100 g Por bolsa (28g)
valor energético (Kj/Kcal) 1347 377,16
318 89
grasas 0 0
De las cuales saturadas 0 0
Hidratos de carbono 67,50 18,90
De los cuales azúcares 65,30 18,28
Fibra alimentaria total 10,50 2,94
Proteínas 6,80 1,90
Sal 0,04 0,01
vitamina C (mg) 40,00 11,20
vitamina A(ug) 17,60 4,93


Trozos de albaricoque liofilizados.